Jorden & David Doody

As Artists we wade in the brackish waters between image and materiality, investigating the tactile qualities of sculpture and three dimensional space in the virtual light of screen culture and the post-internet age of the image explosion. With a genuine commitment to experimentation and improvisation, we construct material assemblages that respond to the constant deluge and saturation of visual information.

Our work explores the migration of contemporary culture and imagination into the realm of the virtual network where we are forced to reconsider presence, absence and reproducibility as we sculpt our understanding of authenticity. Blurring the boundaries between the rational and the absurd, the measurable and the metaphysical, we strive to dislodge our creative practice from the dogma of prescriptive understanding. By wrapping the immaterial and the subconscious in a blanket of contemporary psychedelia we seek to cultivate an unbridled space where contemplation and entertainment mingle freely. We encourage rogue collisions between icons, symbols and materials that forge new and vibrant networks of associative meanings within the vast nebula of the Post-American Imagination.

Our studio practice is highly inclusive and eagerly employs a vast array of traditional fabrication techniques in tandem with new media replication and production technologies. The variety and scope of the materials and methodologies reflect the dynamic encounters and exchanges of a restless, media saturated, cosmopolitan experience. Through mixed method and mixed media assemblage, our research explores a dizzying vista that spills out over and down into an abyss of convergence and endless recombination.